A Tale of Two Perspectives: A Conceptual Framework of User Expectations and Experiences of Instructional Fitness Apps.

Ahed Aladwan, Ryan M. Kelly, Steven Baker, and Eduardo Velloso.

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icon-small_201811150835 Best Paper Award, CHI’19 – Top 1% of all submissions [23.8% acceptance rate].


We present a conceptual framework grounded in both users’ reviews and HCI theories, residing between practices and theories as a form of intermediate-level knowledge in interaction design. Previous research has examined different forms of intermediary knowledge such as conceptual structures, strong concepts, and bridging concepts. Within HCI, these forms are generic and rise either from theories or particular instances. In this work, we created and evaluated a conceptual framework for a specific domain (instructional fitness apps). We first extracted the particular instances using users’ online reviews and conceptualised them as an expectations and experiences framework. Second, within the framework, we evaluated the artefact related constructs using Norman’s design principles. Third, we evaluated beyond the artefact related constructs using distributed cognition theory. We present an analysis of such intermediate-level knowledge with the aim of informing future designs.